How to Slay the Rest of 2018


Quarter four is here, meaning there’s only three months left in the year. If you’re reading this you’re definitely ready to slay and conquer these last few months whether you’ve been hitting your goals all year long, or not. Either way, I’m here to help! Here are my tips to slaying the rest of 2018.

Dig Deep, Real Deep

You know what time it is! It’s time for reflection. Be brutally honest with yourself and dig real deep for your truth. Touch on what your goals were at the beginning of the year. Did you achieve any? Why or why not? What could you have accomplished if you put your mind to it? Why didn’t you go for it? Write these things down in a journal and remember to take responsibility for your sh*t. Hold yourself accountable this time around.


Now that everything is laid out on the table, it’s time to forgive yourself. What’s done is done and what’s in the past is in the past. You can’t change any of it, but you can forgive yourself for your faults, mistakes, and so forth so that you can move forward without blame or baggage. Write in your journal a forgiving letter to yourself. Get the closure you need and move the f*ck on.

Set Intentions

Now that we have a FRESH start, it’s time to write out our intentions for the rest of the year. To me, an intention is a goal with a plan. Open a fresh page in your journal and write out your goals with a plan to achieve each of them. For example, my goal is to read six books by January 1. To do this, my intentions are to read two books a month. Because I’m so busy, I’m going to use my audible subscription to help me achieve this goal. I’ll listen to my books commuting to and from work and while I’m doing mindless tasks (laundry, washing dishes, etc.). See, goal with a plan!


It’s time for the fun part, visualizing! My favorite visualization technique is creating a vision board. Grab all of your old magazines and newspapers, a glass of wine or coffee, scissors, glue, and cardstock or cardboard then get CREATIVE! Think about what you want to achieve before the end of the year and cut out images and words that align with your goals. Place your vision board somewhere where you can see it every day and treat the pictures on the board as if you already have them!

Put Your Boss Babe Heels On

Or whatever it is that makes you feel like a BOSS! It’s time to just f*cking do it. You’ve been real with yourself regarding your goals, you’ve forgiven yourself for not going after them in the past, you’ve set intentions for the rest of 2018, and you’ve visualized what you want. There’s nothing left to do but PUT IN THE WORK! Trust me, you got this!

What are some of your goals for the rest of 2018? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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xo, Sha


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