Diffusing 101


Cold weather calls for diffusers. Personally, I'm a huge fan of air drying my curls. However, my immune system doesn't allow for me to walk out of the house with wet hair during the winter months. So, diffusing it is.

The Curly Co Diffuser attachment has been my best friend since I moved to NY. Its compact size is perfect for my "no-storage" situation, and since it's made of silicone I don't have to worry about clonking myself on the head with it.

Here are a few simple diffusing DO'S and DONT'S that I live by:

DO - Flip your head when diffusing your curls. It's most efficient to start from your ends and gently move the blow dryer in an up and down motion, drying one section/group of curls at a time.

DON'T - Use high heat or a high setting. Avoid heat damage by using a warm or cool setting, and use a low to medium airflow in order to prevent frizz.

DO - Use cool shots of air! Not only is it refreshing and dries your hair faster, but it helps with curl definition by securing the formation of your curls and sealing the hair cuticle.

DON'T - Concentrate on one section of hair for too long. Keep a gentle consistent motion going in order to not cause heat damage or frizz.

Drop your diffusing DO'S and DONT'S below, then head over to my Instagram page to watch a brief clip of how I diffuse my curls!

xo Sha