Spring Cleaning with Depop!

Oh happy day, I've GAINED weight! I've struggled with putting on pounds for years and I'm finally packing them on, in a good way and in good areas! Since I can't fit into some items in my wardrobe and Spring cleaning is among us, I've decided to sell my gently used clothes, shoes, and handbags on Depop! Head over to my Depop shop @shaniceahills and to see what's still up for grabs!

I was a size 00 and an XS, but most of my items can fit a size Small (except for my jeans of course). I've modeled the items that I can still get over my head and around my body. For reference, my measurements are currently: 32" 32" 36" and I'm a size 6 in Women's shoes.

Shop Policies: US shipping only. No refunds, swaps, holds, or exchanges. BUNDLE DEALS are available. PM me with any questions or concerns!

xo Sha