It's A Wig "Sugar Song" Wig Review


Company: It’s A Wig!

Wig Name: Sugar Song

Color: NTT/Rose Gold (subtle highlights of pink)

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Since this is my first wig review, I want to address the reason why I wear wigs. It’s simple, because I want too. Also, because they’re fun and easy protective styles. If you read My Personal Accutane Experience post, you know I suffered from thinning and damaged hair due to the medication. Low manipulation is key to hair growth and hair health. So, instead of wearing buns and ponytails every day, I choose to wear wigs every once in a while to keep my hands out of my curls!


Now that that’s been addressed, let’s get back to the main attraction! It’s A Wig’s “Sugar Song” in NTT/Rose Gold is the perfect blonde unit! The blonde colors are mixed very well, and the ombré is gorgeous. I would definitely recommend this unit as a “beginners” wig because there is no lace to cut — just pop it on your head and GO! 

If there's one thing I can complain about it’s the fact that this wig has no combs. Meaning there’s nothing keeping this bad boy in place. If you’re like me and are worried about your wig slipping back (or coming off completely) then the easiest fix is to use a dab of Got2Be styling glue right along the band line in the front. Just be careful not to get any on the hair. 

Overall, I’m very happy with this unit and I’m in loveeee with being a blonde!

xo Sha