25 Lessons I’ve Learned By 25

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Yes, I'm a Gemini and YES today is my birthday! I've turned 25 years old. Is this a milestone age?? Anyways, I thought it'd be helpful and inspiring to share 25 life lessons that I've learned so far. Enjoy :)

  1. Be grateful - Gratitude is key.

  2. Everything comes to an end - the good and the bad.

  3. It’s okay to say no - remember no IS a complete sentence.

  4. It’s okay to cry - let that shit out tough guy.

  5. Everything has balance - everything.

  6. Be kind to others - don’t just be nice, be kind. The difference is kindness is genuine and comes from the heart.

  7. Be kind to yourself - no negative self-talk. Forgive yourself and treat yo self ❤️

  8. Speak up for what you believe in - even if it makes you uncomfortable.

  9. Mediate/Exercise - the value of mental and physical health is unmatched and beyond important.

  10. Today creates tomorrow - don’t put shit off because what you do today will always affect tomorrow.

  11. Check on your strong friend - they need your love and support just as much as you need theirs.

  12. Call your family - they miss you.

  13. Ask for help - sometimes you just can’t do it all and that’s okay.

  14. Know when to put the phone down - being present is much more important than capturing the moment on a screen.

  15. Don’t be a flake - I’m still working on this. Forgive me.

  16. Save money - true, you can’t take it with you when you pass but it’s damn good to have a cushion while you’re alive.

  17. Stop complaining - stop actively calling on the negativity. Yuck.

  18. Mom is (almost) always right - *sighhh* I wish I learned this much much earlier.

  19. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about - that’s why it’s so important to be kind and not judge others. You probably couldn’t walk a mile in their shoes.

  20. Don’t make decisions when you’re mad - heightened emotional decision making just puts you in a tougher position.

  21. Happiness comes from within - that will never change. Your happiness should not be dependent on others. Or worse, material things.

  22. Disciple in key - even if you’re tired and unmotivated. Stay disciplined and get it done.

  23. Let it go - the hurt, the anger, all ‘lat shit. Makes no sense carrying around emotional baggage. Learn your lesson and keep it pushing.

  24. Patience is a virtue - be patient. your peace of mind will thank you.

  25. Move with love - where there is love, there is God.