4 Boss Babe Tips to Time Management

4 Boss Babe Tips to Time Management

Have you ever started a task then looked at the clock for what seemed like 30 minutes later only to find that hours have passed and you haven’t accomplished anything? Yeah, me too. Between working a full-time job, attending events, blogging, and balancing a social life, it’s easy for time to slip away from me. To stay on top of it all I’ve found these Four Boss Babe Tips to Time Management super simple and very helpful:

Stop Multi-tasking

This might go against the grain for some, but for me multi-tasking is a surefire way to start a bunch of projects and finish none. Give your all to one task at a time, from start to finish! This ensures no mistakes or half-ass-ness are made.

Prioritize & Set Deadlines

Well duh, but seriously. Prioritize your to-do list and set deadlines for everything until you have one thing to focus on right now. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a daunting list of things to-do, but prioritizing and setting deadlines builds the structure that you need to start conquering your tasks. Listen to me, not everything is urgent so keep that in mind when taking this step.

Get in Work Mode

Getting in work mode is essentially getting in the zone! To do this, I put my ringer on silent, put on my headphones and listen to my favorite playlist on Spotify to drown out the world and focus on the task at hand. Once I’m in work mode I get completely engulfed in my task so there’s no stopping me! I recommend using the bathroom first so that you don’t have to get up, and making yourself a cup of coffee or tea beforehand. It’s crucial to reduce interruptions. I also keep my phone on the other side of the room so that I’m not tempted to check Instagram!

Say No

You can’t make time for everything. Learning to say no to opportunities/people/things is the simplest way to stay on top of your shit and not feel overwhelmed. As a rule of thumb, only take on commitments that you actually have time for and that you truly care about.

What time management tips do you live by? Let’s chat in the comments!

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xo, Sha


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