How to Lay Your Baby Hairs & My Favorite Edge Products

From the womb to the tomb, my edges will stay laid. As a mixed woman of color (my daddy is Black and my mama is Puerto Rican) laying my baby hairs has always been my favorite part of styling my hair. No matter if I’m wearing my hair naturally curly, braided, or protected under a wig I will have my edges swooped, swirled and laid to perfection. Since big chopping, I find that I’ve been more creative with my edges, so I wanted to share my favorite edge products and a few tips and tricks to laying your baby hairs. Enjoy!

Baby Tress Edge Styler in Powder Blue, @busybeingsha shot by @stellamor33

Baby Tress Edge Styler in Powder Blue, @busybeingsha shot by @stellamor33

Baby Tress Edge Styler

Often I’m asked, “HOW did you swirl your baby hairs like that?!” and I always say, “It all starts with your tool.” Up until a few months ago I was using an old toothbrush on my edges. I think that’s pretty standard for those of us who like to give our edges a little more attention. I’d take the time to pick out a toothbrush with just the right amount of firmness, boil it down for a few minutes, then use it everyday without ever cleaning it again.

When I decided to toss my crusty toothbrush and elevate to a Baby Tress Edge Styler it was an easy decision to make. “Thoughtfully designed with form & function in mind, this 3-in-1 beauty tool features (1) a comb to separate and smooth, (2) natural boar bristles to swoop and shape, and (3) a pointed tip for the finishing details,” states Baby Tress’ website where you can purchase their Edge Styler. I know what you’re thinking and YES, it is a little pricier than a toothbrush, but that’s because it’s MORE than a toothbrush. Everything I need to lay my edges my way is included in this kick-ass beauty tool that was obviously made with me in mind.

If you want to try it out for yourself you can use my code “SHASHA20” for money off your entire purchase, or follow me on Instagram @busybeingsha for a chance to win an Edge Styler of your very own.

@busybeingsha shot by @stellamor33

@busybeingsha shot by @stellamor33

Gels, Gels, and Gels

I couldn’t talk about edges without mentioning my favorite gels. I have 3B/3C curly hair that I’ve chopped down into a TWA. Naturally, my hair is very fine and easy to manipulate, so if you have courser curls you might want to consider layering some of my personal favorites.

If I’m going for a care free swooped back look where I don’t necessarily want my baby hairs pressed firm onto my forehead, I’ll lay them down with DevaCurl’s Ultra Defining Gel. It’s super lightweight but has a strong enough hold to keep my baby hairs in place without them being crunchy or hard. I also use this gel throughout my hair for curl definition on rainy or humid days in NYC. It’s the bomb diggity in my opinion!

If I’m going out and know my photo will be taken and I absolutely need my swirls to stay in place, I’ll reach for Ecoco Style Gel Olive (a.k.a. Eco Styler in the green tub). NO, this brand is not cancelled in my household. I have a 32 oz tub that I refuse to throw in the trash because the internet told me too. I like that this gel is alcohol free, doesn’t get flaky, and is the perfect consistency to allow me to mold and shape my baby hairs however I please. Simply put, Eco Styler gets the job done.

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my InstaStories, you’ll know that I’m dealing with a bald spot near my edges. If I’m going for a simple swooped back look and I don’t want that bald spot to show, I’ll reach for African Pride’s Hold & Cover Edges gel. This gel is black and shows black on your skin. It’s great for helping me hide my bald spot, cover any grey hairs, and keep my edges in place all day. A little goes a long way with this product, so I recommend applying in small amounts and in good lighting before stepping outside.

@busybeingsha shot by @stellamor33

@busybeingsha shot by @stellamor33

Wrap Strips or a Satin Scarf

If I have time, I’ll use place wrap strips or a satin scarf over my edges to make them set in place. While they’re “baking” I’ll continue on with my makeup routine and finish getting dressed. Before I leave the house I’ll remove the strips or scarf and voilà! Perfectly laid edges.

Check out my tutorial on my Baby Hair Routine below or here!

What are your favorite edge products and techniques? Let’s chat in the comments!

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xo, Sha


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