5 Things To Do When You’re Sad

Before you pick up your credit card (I’m looking at you, online shopper) try these five simple tasks the next time you’re feeling down.

1. Cry with Someone You Love

Yes, I’m asking you to be vulnerable and that’s okay. Whenever I’m sad and need a good cry I always rely on my mom or my best friend to talk me through the emotional moment or to just rub my back while I cry my eyes out. Having someone you love there while you’re in this vulnerable state can help keep you grounded and (in my opinion) let it all out faster. Studies show that a good cry can have soothing effects and letting all of that raw emotion out can allow you to have a boost of happiness after.

2. Do Something Creative

Whether you like to write, paint, or sing, doing something creative can be a positive outlet for letting out your emotions. I like to free write my thoughts, feelings, and potential outcomes of whatever it is that’s getting me down. I always feel much better afterward and find it much easier to focus my attention on something the fuck else.

3. Tidy Up Your Space

Yup, it’s time to tackle that mess you made. Whenever I’m in a funk putting my dirty laundry in the hamper is just too big of a task. So naturally, I end up sitting in my room surrounded by a huge mess and feeling even worse. Tidying up your space can have a huge effect on your mood. Take 10-15 minutes to make your bed, remove the piled up cups and takeout from your nightstand, and put your clothes away. Oh and don’t forget to open your window to get some fresh air in there! Trust me, you’ll feel productive, accomplished, and be able to breathe a little more easily.

4. It’s Time for Self-Care

Once you’ve cried, did something creative, and cleaned up, it’s time to get yourself together. I like to take a long hot shower, deep condition my hair, shave and slather on my favorite lotion afterward. Taking time out to treat yourself to some self-care is a great way to instantly boost your mood and lift your spirits. If you haven’t done a face mask in a while then do that, paint your toes, and maybe even try that new eye shadow palette you bought. Whatever self-care means to you, do that.

5. Go Outdoors

This doesn’t mean put on a full face of makeup and your fanciest clothes (unless you’re into that of course). If you’re not, then put on your favorite sweatpants or favorite jeans and get out the door while you still have the motivation. Studies show that spending time outdoors is one of the fastest ways to boost happiness. Take a good book and an old blanket to the park or grab your camera and head for the nearest walking trail. If you’re an overachiever then go for a run or rent a bike for an hour. Honestly, just get outside.

For me, the goal isn’t to distract myself from what’s making me sad, but instead to show myself a different perspective by actively choosing not to wallow in misery. When I’m calm and centered I can think more clearly and logically, I can see the bigger picture much easier, and I can hear God much better. The next time you’re sad, try my little routine or do one thing from the list and see if that gives you a little boost.

What do you like to do to pull yourself up when you’re feeling down? Let’s chat in the comments!

xo, Sha